Thanks to convoy

Gail Sykes, Strand

I would like to comment on the letter “Blasted Convoy

Looking out from my apartment on Beach Road in the Strand during lockdown has been a strange experience – no traffic to speak of, very few fishermen, empty beaches and thousands of seagulls – where have they all come from?

Just after 8.15pm last Saturday I heard sirens – an unusual sound in these unusual times as there is so little traffic for emergency vehicles to navigate.

I therefore went onto the balcony to investigate and saw a convoy of security and Police vehicles slowly driving down Beach Road.

They were of all shapes and sizes representing a number of our local security, neighbourhood watch and policing organisations – there was obviously no emergency, so what were they doing?

After investigation I was told that it was simply a show of solidarity from all of them to us – the public. Just a way of saying, ‘we are all in this together’.

What a wonderful way to show us all that we are not alone and much appreciated by all.

Thank you to all of you who are working hard and putting your own lives and families at risk to keep the community safe in this time – a wonderful experience for us all.