Cascading autumn glory

This glorious Virginia creeper grows up the side of an old red brick house in Somerset West, covering a high little wooden door that has no key. Every year her display of foliage goes from spring green, and then deepens from russet to gold, and then all the leaves fall, to create a burnished carpet below; just the naked vine remains for winter’s chill. The cycle of seasons comes and goes on Mother Earth, and this particular display is a source of perrenial wonder and appreciation. And… on the other side of the little wooden door, happens to be where Bolander comes together every week, as it has done for the past 13 years (yes, there is a staircase on the other side). Autumn is the most splendid of seasons, in terms of the sheer vibrancy of colour, as the many trees and shrubs of Boland and Helderberg attest to. To find your inner child, try lying on the ground in a pile of leaves, and move your arms and legs and make a leaf angel… and kiss joy as it flies.