Workplace bullying and sick leave during Covid-19

The workplace has changed a lot in the last four months due to the coronavirus which has infected over 500 000 people in South Africa.

Maties #Train4Fees campaign goes into extra time at SU

Sign up to become a fundraiser for #Train4Fees, by either running, cycling, skateboarding or power walking whatever fitness training you enjoy.

Thanks to doctor

Annette Stones enjoyed the opinion piece by Dr Haig MacRobert .

OPINION: Politics is the art of compromise

As long as licensees observe their statutory obligations, the chances of abuse are significantly reduced by comparison with unrestricted alcohol sales.

Time for students to make a difference

This is another letter of encouragement to students by Lizette Rabe, professor at Stellenbosch University (SU) and academic principal of the postgraduate cluster consisting of residences and private student accommodation called Senior Living Spaces (SLS) at SU. It will resonate with all students, wherever they currently are, preparing to begin the second semester.


Hanneke Fourie-Beneke snapped a fish eagle outside Somerset West.

Phoenix feeds the hungry

Phoenix has provided much more than just sporting opportunities; it has held clothing drives, Christmas present drives, feeding schemes (feeding approximately 800 children on a regular basis), and more.

Winnie wins the day!

Winnie is in the frail care unit at Bridgewater Manor in Somerset West.


Tony Bruton snapped a Cape Batis in his garden in Somerset West.

Lockdown weeds busted through collaboration

Salvinia molesta, commonly known as giant salvinia, is an aquatic fern, native to south-eastern Brazil.