Art meets nature

Visits to the Dylan Lewis Studio and Sculpture Garden are by appointment only.

Read of the Week

Karen Watkins reviews Durban Poison by Ben Trovato.

The Eva Cassidy story at the Drama Factory

Tanja Storm is a vocalist, instrumentalist and musical director, who released her debut album in 2009.

Taalmonument celebrates 45 years with jazz festival

The multilingual, multicultural weekend programme will showcase the Afrikaans language.

A special girl

Luca Mullinos made and sold loom bracelets, raising almost R500.

Bird’s eye view

Hanneke Fourie-Beneke shared his photo of a semi-wind-swept owl.

Jonkershoek Nature Reserve access: more questions

MTO Trails Jonkershoek is located on a commercial forestry plantation and as such visitors are not permitted into certain areas due to ongoing forestry operations.

What’s next for the ‘Empty Nesters?’

Make your home a welcoming place for them and their friends.

Project Dignity

The Helderberg Rotary Anns’ Project Dignity has managed to raise a total of R15 500 from their Innerwheel Club.

Tokara 2020 harvest kicks off

The Tokara vineyard celebrated its 20th vintage last year.