N2 bypass query

Julian van den Berg, Somerset West

We moved to Somerset West just over three years ago, when we retired from Gauteng.

I have been wondering if there are any plans to improve the flow of traffic on the N2 highway, especially at Victoria Road.

Over the past long weekend, for example, the backup was from the other side of the R44 to the Reunion Road traffic light.

About 10 years ago, I was on a business trip and had to go to Caledon and there was a similar backup.

The fact that the N2 bisects Strand and Somerset West seems a little strange without any flyovers other than at Main Road, and as
far as I can recall it has been that way for as
long as I can remember.

Could Bolander provide some information about this matter to update residents, especially us new comers?

Bolander’s Norman McFarlane responds:

The N2 bypass, which has been in the pipeline for decades, came to a standstill when the City of Cape Town successfully took SANRAL to the high court to overturn its planned Winelands toll project which would have seen sections of the N1, N2 and R300 tolled, but which would also have seen construction of the N2 bypass around Somerset West.

Bolander has directed an enquiry at the City of Cape Town and SANRAL, requesting an update
on the N2 bypass, which we will publish when we get a response.