Local Mrs Universe SA finalist addresses the issue of GBV

Somerset West resident Chantell Davis, is one of the Top 10 Finalists in the Mrs Universe South Africa pageant.

Chantell Davis, a proud resident of Somerset West, has achieved a remarkable feat by securing her place among the esteemed Top 10 Finalists in the highly acclaimed Mrs Universe South Africa pageant.

Beyond securing her place in the Top 10, Chantell has also attained the prestigious ‘Best in Interview’ award, a testament to her authenticity and her remarkable ability to articulate her vision.

This achievement firmly establishes her as one of the leading contenders in the competition, where the ultimate victor and queen will be crowned in March next year.

Overflowing with gratitude, Ms Davis shared her excitement. “I am genuinely thrilled and thankful for this incredible opportunity to be among the Top 10 Finalists and to receive the ‘Best in Interview’ award. It’s a testament to the importance of empowering women and addressing critical issues in society.

“I embarked on this journey with a simple belief that we can break free from societal norms and prove that anything is possible with unwavering dedication, hard work, and faith,” says Ms Davis.

As a Mrs Universe South Africa 2024 Finalist, she is committed to using her platform and voice to eradicate Gender-Based Violence (GBV).

In collaboration with her husband, Kevin, they are spearheading a grassroots revolution, #RespectHer, committed to dismantling harmful stereotypes and addressing the root causes of GBV.

She shares her motivation for this initiative. “As a mother of four boys, including superfetation twins, my personal experiences have shown me the challenges that boys and young men face in today’s society. This fuels my passion.

“Alongside my husband, we are pioneering this cause to inspire families and communities to unite and become part of the solution. Through ‘real talk’ about authentic manhood, we can mentor boys to become ‘real men’ who respect women.”

She is inviting the local community and nation to join her on this journey. “I’m extending an open invitation to every business, organisation, charity, school, and every person to join hands in partnership, collaboration, in any way possible. Together, we can cultivate a society where men and women coexist in harmony, mutually supporting and uplifting each other,” she says.

To learn more her journey, or the #RespectHer movement, visit www.chantelldavis.com or follow her on Instagram @chantellwdavis.