Appalled over additional payment

Maria Heyns, Somerset West

With regard to the letter “Cry the beloved bank balance” in Bolander of January 18, I was appalled to read that visitors should be charged more than locals .

Everything has got a basic value regardless of the financial status of the purchaser. Bill Gates will pay the same for a cup of coffee at Starbucks as the next person. That is why we all know that at a 5 star hotel we expect to pay more than at a 3 star establishment because the value receive is more. Overseas visitors also work on a budget and know the value of an item and they know when they are fleeced.

South Africa is a long haul destination and overseas visitors have a variety of choices at far cheaper prices and less effort. Visitors cannot be punished for their choice of holiday destination.

Prices should be determined by the value received and not by the bank balance of the client.

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