A place for memories to grow

Zandile Matshotyana, Hlanganani Florence, and Irene Singo (all fromTyris Construction) with Gail Sykes, CEO Helderberg Hospice.

This year Helderberg Hospice celebrates 30 years of specialised care to the Helderberg community.

One of the anniversary projects recently launched is the establishment of a Garden of Remembrance, which will provide a peaceful space for those who wish to remember their loved ones.

This special garden is open to all in the Helderberg who wish to honour the memories of those no longer with them; it is not only for those who have received the specialist care of Helderberg Hospice.

Last moth, the hard-working staff of NCC Environmental Services (Pty) Ltd, Tyris Construction, and Amandla Construction officially handed over their Mandela Day 2016 project to Helderberg Hospice – the ground preparation and landscaping of the beautiful Garden of Remembrance.

The ground preparation involved ploughing an area of about 820m², removal of the weeds and grass, smoothing out and sculpting of certain areas according to the design plan, and levelling of the area.

NCC also donated several large rocks and plants for landscaping purposes. Included in the landscaping is a paved pathway which allows easy access to all sections of the garden for the elderly and those in wheelchairs. Retainer blocks and paving were donated by Terrafirma.

A large Syringa tree, which was sapping all the water from the garden around it, had to be felled to make way for the paving – and the tree felling services were donated by Tree Fella’s, Johan Visser.

This is a garden to benefit the whole community so Helderberg Hospice invites all in the Helderberg to get involved with this project and consider donating the following in remembrance of loved ones:

* Benches with armrests (from a preferred supplier – made of recycled plastic) in remembrance of their loved ones.

* Trees, plants and shrubs, from a recommended list, available at Helderberg Hospice.

* Memorial plaques are available for purchase, which will be placed on a bench or in the garden. This will be engraved with wording of the donor’s choice.

The Garden of Remembrance will be open on Mondays to Fridays, from 8.30am to 4.30pm. The garden is a safe and tranquil place to spend time remembering family members and friends who have passed on. All funds raised from the garden will go directly to providing services for the many patients Helderberg Hospice cares for each month.

For more information on becoming part of the Garden of Remembrance, or ways in which to specially remember loved ones, contact chief executive officer, Cheryl Rundle, at 082 731 5736.