Empowering the unemployed

■ The mission of the Helderberg Development Centre (HDC) is to train unemployed people and empower them with life skills as well as career and entrepreneurial skills, and place successful candidates in jobs. On Wednesday July 19, at 8.30am, the registration of new students for the third term takes place, and the primary subjects are life orientation; personal money management; kitchen, laundry, cleaning and sewing skills; and family meals. A certificate ceremony is held twice a year. Pictured are Selina Malanka, best semester student, with Hanna de Wet, right, a director for the HDC, at the last award ceremony. For more information, contact Elby Meyer, at 021 852 5720, at 10 St. James Street, Somerset West, or email info@helderbergdevelopmentcentre.co.za