Tranquility in Garden of Remembrance

A bench at Helderberg Hospice Support Unit.

Helderberg Hospice Support Unit has been fully operational again since mid-April, and all other staff members returned to the office on April 21. Staff are reported to be in good spirits and doing their very best to serve and support the community amidst all the pandemonium and the harsh reality of Covid-19. However, all the staff work under immense pressure, and the Garden of Remembrance has become a very soothing place where staff can enjoy their lunch, or just take a quick walk to enjoy the beauty and silence between all the flowers, shrubs and trees, and even marvel at the mountains on a clear day. The loyal garden volunteers are missed during this time and the staff want them all to know that they still find inspiration and a sense of calmness in what the volunteers created at Helderberg Hospice. Their hard work and efforts do not go unnoticed. For more information or for any assistance needed, visit or contact them at 021 852 4608. Sister Sherry Dwyer took this photo recently, walking through the garden.