Touching a nerve

Klaus Eickelmann, Helderberg

Judging by the response in Bolander last week, the Friends of Helderberg Estate definitely seem to have touched a nerve among many local residents, me included. I fully agree with your “Enough is enough” sentiment, and I am willing to support your efforts in any way I can.

Over the years I have written many letters on related topics to Premier Helen Zille, Mayor Patricia de Lille, and Councillor Stuart Pringle.

I wrote to Ms Zille in Bolander’s December 21 edition, drawing her attention to the untenable situation along one of the busiest highways in the Western Province which bisects Somerset West and Strand. As I don’t have to tell you, the proposed Helderberg College development and the daily traffic chaos along the N2 are two sides of the same coin.

Needless to say, there has been absolutely no reaction from Ms Zille or her office.