No substitute for creativity

The groups at the creativity event had the chance to share ideas, and learn more about how to effect change. Stellenbosch, who captured the 22nd XTERRA World Championship off-road triathlon elite titles on a warm, sunny day in Kapalua, Maui on Sunday October 29.

A few weeks ago, I attended the 23rd African Creativity Conference (ACRE), at the Klein Kariba Resort, Bela-Bela, one of the most prestigious and longest-running Creativity Conferences in the world.

The event is powered by the Neethling Group, South Africa, the South African Creativity Foundation and Dr Kobus Neethling’s vision. Dr Neethling is the world-leader in “Whole-brain thinking and creativity” and the president of the South African Creativity Foundation.

He has not only co-authored over 90 books and nine TV series; he was also invited to train the staff of Nelson Mandela just after he became the first president of South Africa.

He delivered the official opening ceremony message, supported by members of the family, friends and staff of Solutions Finding and Klein Kariba.

The conference attracted almost 300 participants, from South Africa and all over the world, and speakers from Europe, Canada, US, India and Iceland. Many people are part of Acre, and have made this journey for more than 10 years, some from Acre’s very beginning, and others, like myself, newcomers.

The content of this conference is appealing to anybody who thinks of themselves that he or she can make a change for the better, be it business people, executives, designers, coaches, educators or sportsmen, to name a few.

This conference makes a perfect platform for pondering anything creative, for innovation, asking questions, sharing ideas, learning and much more.

There were over 30 speakers and presenters, and the programme of the conference was organised in parallel session workshops during the two and a half days, with many workshops to choose from.

The range of topics included creative problem solving; creative ways to maximise your potential; innovation as the rhythm of technology; rethinking project management; and coaching for superior results.

One of the aims of Acre is to cultivate creative awareness among people from various walks of life, like businessmen, sportsmen and educators.

Creativity is a mindset. As someone once said: “Creativity is the ability to make or think or see or hear something that did not exist before.”

The conference did give me a kick into a new area, and gave me some creative ideas. It will take perseverance to put them into action but there is no better time than now to make a change.

So many of us wish for a change. Well, the only place to start is “here and now” and wonderful things can be achieved.

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Kamilla Oliver is a resident of Somerset West, a scientist, a certified travel guide, a skiing instructor, and recently also an NBI® practitioner.