Strand Beach – pros and cons

R Adcock, Helderberg

Regarding the marine conservation area
from the “fence that was” to the mouth of
the Eerste River, at Strand Beach:

The original fence with old railway line sections as uprights lasted many decades.

The repairs did not manage so well. The tarred posts were not deeply enough set into the ground, and succumbed to wind and wave.

The plastic coated mesh was “repurposed”. The temporary cables met a similar fate.

Signage was erected, some of it at the personal expense of the erectors.

Then everything, from the City of Cape Town notice proclaiming the conservation area to the low water mark, was summarily removed, reportedly by municipal workers.

Has the area been de-proclaimed?

The birds have moved and everyone seems to regard this area as open to the public. What is happening?

And what happened to the security guards who used to be in that area?

Regarding the new wall along the coast:

This is approximately six metres closer to the water’s edge, so
6m x the length of wall, estimate 800m, equals almost 5 000m2 of beach has gone.

The angle of the slope of the beach has steepened and changed the wave action to create a hazardous situation as the tide gets closer to high tide.

The new concrete tunnels for runoff are both ugly and a severe hindrance to all but the young and agile to those wishing to walk on the beach.

Maybe steps would be worth considering.

A considerable volume of sand has disappeared. Check the levels at the fisherman’s launch ramp near the pavilion.

Also note the amounts of reef rock visible at low tide.

Plus the large quantities of rock, bricks lumps of concrete, etc, that litter the sand and make walking an unpleasant exercise almost requiring hiking boots.

Public toilets:

There used to be six toilets between the pavilion and the fence, now there are only three (and a half).

This includes the disintegrating wreck parked next to the Deep Blue building, and the one nearest the miniature golf courses which is only open to ladies.

Why has the gents side been closed for the last many months?

On the positive side, at least the overflow of sand and seawater onto the road has been greatly reduced.

One hopes the last few jobs by the contractors will be completed before the summer holiday crowds start arriving in their droves.