With the wind in their faces

L A Young,Somerset West

Reading Murray Williams’ article “The prisms we view life through” (Bolander February 22) prompted me to write and ask a question, and possibly a favour, of him.

Some years ago I purchased a Trek 1 200 road bike from Helderberg Cycle World in the Gant’s Centre, and while in the process of paying for my purchase, saw a box of leaflets, titled The Bicycle on the counter.

I took one and read it, and it so fitted my own sentiments about bicycle riding that I asked if I could have one.

Since then I have somehow mislaid it, and, search as I might I cannot find it.

I have contacted “Pietie”, formerly of Cycle World, to ask if he recalls the writing, but he said he has no recollection of the leaflets.

The object of this letter is to ask if you have ever come across such a writing?

I have penned below my memory and version of the gist of the writing, although it is far from an accurate rendition of the writing itself:

The Bicycle

Just a few simple lines, a few pieces of metal tubing, and a couple of angles fastened together to form two adjoining triangles, and with a wheel attached at each end, and a saddle and handlebar in-between, you have a work of art that has given countless generations of adults and children the thrill of wonderful movement and unfettered freedom.

With the wind in their face, cyclists of all ages, sizes and shapes have experienced the joyous freedom of balance and control on their bone-shaking, tooth-rattling, amazing, fun-machines.

One should not deny oneself the pleasure of that simplest and greatest of humankind’s contribution to the joy of living.

If you have ever come across such, or similar, writing, would you mind please sending me the wording?

I am an octogenarian cyclist and love just being on my bike, even if it is still leaning against the wall inside the garage, but especially out on the road, with the wind in my face.