Somerset College pupils excel in IEB matric 2023 results

A commendable achievement for Somerset College was Helen Basson receiving a Commendable Achievement Award for achieving within the top 5% of all IEB candidates nationally in five subjects and an A symbol for Life Orientation. PICTURES: SOMERSET COLLEGE

Somerset College’s matric 2023 class has achieved outstanding results in the 2023 IEB examinations and national results.

The matrics group achieved an average of 3.2 A symbols per student. The school has maintained an average of 3 A symbols or higher per student over the past seven years.

“Furthermore, we are thrilled to have maintained our unbroken record of 100% BD pass rate which ensures that, once again, the doors of university are open to all of our esteemed students,” the school says in a statement.

In addition to a 100% university entrance pass rate and an exceptional average of 3.2 A symbols achieved per student, numerous Somerset College students featured in the upper echelons of the IEB results nationally.

Helen Basson was awarded a Commendable Achievement award for achieving within the top 5% of all IEB candidates nationally in five subjects and an A symbol for Life Orientation.

Aidan Akdogan, Jessie Conolly, Laura Staley and Lisa Verwey achieved Outstanding Achievement Awards for ranking within the top 5% in six or more Subjects and achieving an A symbol in Life Orientation.

Somerset College students were also awarded no fewer than 24 Top 1% awards for featuring in the top percentile of their cohort nationally across a range of subjects.

In all their academic departments except one, the Somerset College average was higher than the national IEB average.

“We commend our 2023 cohort on the remarkable fortitude and resilience they have shown in navigating the Covid Pandemic and many other challenges. Their success in their final examinations also bears testament to the highly professional, skilled and resilient teaching body who have continuously successfully navigated complexity, all the while supporting our colleagues and students and driving standards of excellence.

“The Student Develop Unit has also played a critical role in our student’s success, and we are grateful for their contribution. Thanks and recognition must also go to our parent body whose support for their children and the school has been unwavering,” the school says.

The Pass rate was A 100% Bachelor Degree (University Entrance) pass with 287 A symbols.

Students with 8 A symbols are, Aidan Akdogan, Helen Basson, Jessie Conolly, Sadie Geard, Ilke Keet, Mohamed Khalfey, Amber Mudge, Michael Shepstone and Lisa Verwey.

Liam Davis, Neil Human, Laura Staley all achieved 7 A symbols, while students with 6 A symbols are, Sam Chaplin, Gabrielle Dames, Isobella Dolby, Ceri Gemmell, Chris Justus, Dirk Kidson, Kirsten Offen and Kate Stone.

Jacques Nel, the Executive Head, says in a message to the Class of 2023 : “Congratulations on your remarkable academic achievements. Your unwavering commitment to tasks, perseverance, and consistent, intentional efforts have truly paid off, resulting in outstanding results. Each one of you has demonstrated resilience and dedication, setting a commendable standard for excellence.

“We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the devoted teachers who selflessly shared their knowledge and guidance, ensuring you were well-prepared for success. Their commitment to your education has undoubtedly played a pivotal role in your accomplishments.”

Somerset College student Aidan Akdogan, passed with 8 A symbols and achieved an Outstanding Achievement Award.
Another recipient of a 2023 Outstanding Achievement Awards is Jessie Conolly who also passed with 8 A symbols.
Lisa Verwey passed with 8 A symbols and is a and recipient of a Top 1% Awards in specific IEB subjects.
Passing the IEB 2023 examinations Sadie Geard obtained 8 A symbols.
Making the school proud with a pass of 8 A symbols, is Ilke Keet.
Another top achiever passing with 8 A symbols is Mohamed Khalfey.
Amber Mudge is another top student who passed with 8 A symbols.
Michael Shepstone is another outstanding student passing with 8 A symbols.