Rain records

RK Kriel, Stellenbosch

Upon receipt of Bolander the very first article I read is Norman McFarlane’s “Opinion”. I find his articles factual and to the point. His latest on the Cape water situation was very good.

I have been a resident of Stellenbosch since 1987 and have kept rainfall records since 1988. These figures make interesting reading and the downward trend in the rainfall is alarming. As a matter of interest, here are some statistics:

2013 1076mm

2014 803mm

2015 493mm

2016 575mm

2017 518mm

The annual average according to my figures for Stellenbosch is 768mm and the year 2015 is the lowest to date. In January 2002 I measured 127mm which is the highest for that month so far. Let us hope that, that could be repeated this month.

Always a pleasure to read Bolander.