Ra is no god

Hilary Schuurman, Mitchell’s Plain

My eyes caught the picture displayed on the front page of last week’s Bolander. I marvelled at the amazing beauty of our Creator. Then I read the caption below the picture and let out a gasp of unbelief.

I immediately felt offended and wanted to know who this person was and if they worshipped this ancient Egyptian false god.

If you read (that edition) carefully, you will see that on the first page you say that the person walking there is worshipping Ra by watching Ra, the ancient sun god, bidding farewell to the earth. On the last page you talk about our Creator that is in a song of Johnny Cash as the higher power who says “vengeance is mine, and I will repay”.

Isn’t it ironic? Begin
ning with a false god and ending with the only God that will avenge those who have been slain by the unrighteous, unbelievers, blasphemy, haters of God.

The time is at hand when we must take a stand for God or against God. There is no middle ground. Already our schools are war grounds, our journey to work is a war ground, our work places are war grounds.

I by no means profess to be a saint or righteous person but I want to and live according to the word of our true God.To not be deceived.

What is your choice?

Letter shortened.