Agora vintage fashion show

Achim von Arnim introducing his art.

On Saturday May 27, fashion and art enthusiasts gathered at the Ndiza Gallery at the Krystal Beach Hotel in Gordon’s Bay for the Agora Vintage Fashion and Art Show.

The show was a joint initiative of Ndiza Gallery owner Michele Roelofsen, Agora Vintage Store owner Lavinia Hermanus, and Achim von Arnim from Haute Cabriere in Franschhoek.

“A beautiful piece of vintage clothing should be seen as a masterpiece, as an artwork that can be worn throughout the years by all,” explains Ms Hermanus.

“With this in mind, we decided to combine vintage fashion with local art in a creative and luxurious way.

“All guests were treated to Pierre Jourdan Cap Classique from Haute Cabriere and on the runway we showcased coats, dresses and hats from a number of international and local designers.

“None of our models were professionals. We chose to work with relatable local people who looked gorgeous in the clothes. By doing so we were able to highlight that you don’t need to be a model to look gorgeous in vintage fashion, it is a style for everyone.

“The models all had fun and our guests enjoyed the experience,” she said.

In addition to the velvet, denim, suede, cotton and silk garments, the models also donned a number of watches provided for the occasion by watch retailer Top Watch.

Top Watch CEO Cenel Renney reiterated the value of a timepiece: “A watch is a timeless piece that compliments any style. We firmly believe that finding the perfect timepiece should be an experience.

“ You should immerse yourself in this world of luxury, as old as time itself, and revel in that moment of finding the perfect watch, for the perfect you. What better way to introduce you to our watches than through such an event.”

Franschhoek winemaker Achim von Arnim also presented his own personal art collection at the event, and pieces he painted while reminiscing about life were on display and some were available for purchase.

Mr Von Arnim also delighted all present with a sabrage display when he opened a bottle of Pierre Jourdan Cap Classique with a sword.

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