Platformsessies performers back on stage in July

Annika Boschoff is one of the performers due to perform on stage.

This month will see four more ATKV-Crescendo finalists performing as part of ATKV’s Platformsessies.

Musicians Annika Boschoff, Suné Damons, Leandi Schmidt and MJ Scoltz made it to the finals of this year’s ATKV-Crescendo Mentor Programme and are now more than ready to show off what they have learnt through this popular musical development project.

Due to their diverse vocal talent and musical interests the organisers decided not to try and contain these musos in one specific genre, but rather let them explore their talents freely.

“We made this decision in the hope that Platformsessies Untitled will act as a conversation starter which shifts South Africans’ perception when it comes to music genres, culture and race. That stereotypical idea that certain music belongs to certain people,” explains creative director of Platformsessies, Robin Fourie.

The audience can look forward to a show with a kaleidoscope of sounds and styles – from rock, soul and jazz to folk and even classical.

To help bring this vision to life, the Crescendo Orchestra, under the leadership of William Jacobs, have been hard at work. They will once again ensure that the arrangements of the original songs by the artists and well-known hits will captivate and get the audience on their feet.

The light-heartedness of previous shows will still be there. ATKV-Crescendo ambassador, singer and actor, Whaden Johannes, will be the MC for the evening.

“Like I always say: I show up, give it my all and always try to steal the show. Always. This time around I will practice my dance moves,” says the well-known performer and radio personality.

Platformsessies’ limited range of wine in collaboration with The Grape Grinder will be available at the event at R150 per bottle.

The event will take place at The Daisy Jones Bar, Stellenbosch on Friday July 22. Costs are R200 per person and tickets are available online through Quicket. The show is set to start at 7pm, but doors open at 5pm.

Season tickets are available from Ronel Vorster at and for more information follow ATKV Crescendo on their social media pages.

Another finalist who made it through to the 2022 ATKV-Crescendo Mentor Programme and set to perform at the event, is Leandi Schmidt.
Event goers van look forward to the sounds of MJ Scoltz.