Mind-boggling litter

Pat Bonnard,Somerset West

We appreciate the continuing efforts made by the council to keep our town clean and we applaud the opportunities
for cleaners to have a job.

However, having regard to the international awareness campaign about single use plastic, I do trust that our solid waste collectors are not piling hundreds of blue plastic bags with very small quantities of litter in each, into the landfill.

Perhaps they could also give another few jobs to people to consolidate the bags and reuse them?

The litter in our town is mind-boggling…driving through on a Saturday afternoon is not a pleasant experience.

It would be nice if our schools could make a start by teaching children that littering is unacceptable.

In many countries in the world even dropping a cigarette stub invites a large fine.

A campaign to keep our town and suburbs clean even though our grass is brown, would be wonderful.