Lack of will by authorities

Martin Vosloo, Somerset West

As a new resident of Somerset West it concerns me to notice the vagrancy and apparent acceptance of the sad state of affairs with beggars at robots, including children who should be at school.

We live in an affluent society and yet we see the decadence around us.

There are many excuses such as having no work or just plain unwillingness to work but somehow solutions must be sought.

The park next to the police station and the surrounding houses, which I am told belong to the Department of Justice, catch the eye.

Vagrants sleep there at night and the houses are in dire need of attention.

Possibly there are plans to uplift the area but presently it is an eyesore and surely this state of affairs cannot just continue indefinitely.

It is the responsibility of the local municipality and law enforcement agencies together with welfare organisations and the residents of this beautiful city to get together and decide upon a plan of action to address these issues.

And do not tell me that lack of money is the problem.

Where there is a will, there is a way.