Drought boat missed

Patrick Reavell,
Somerset West

I wish to know from the provincial government, why they did not read the climatology reports and plan for the drought crisis a decade in advance?

I thought that as the Western Cape has the highest concentration of educated and professional people in
South Africa, they would have believed the climate scientists and planned ahead a decade ago.

As they did not, one has to ask for reasons. Was it that they didn’t believe the scientists? Was it because they hoped it would not happen?

Was it because the relevant department head did not care? Was it because the report got lost? Was it because the report was too complex?

All the excuses I have heard do not cut any ice with me.

Everybody with modern communication systems knows that unforeseen and extreme abnormal weather events are happening globally.

I wonder if the authorities will ever answer this letter, let alone find any valid reasons for this error which could cost the Cape dearly in ecosystem and agricultural depletion.