Cry the beloved bank balance

Ronelle van Loggerenberg,

Somerset West

We all know that our beloved country, and especially the Western Cape, has become a mecca for tourists, and rightly so.

However, us locals, and local tourists especially from up north, feel that the prices on our menus are out of reach for most of us.

Only people earning pounds and dollars and euros feel very comfortable paying what is charged for a normal dish. With sky high prices one would expect value for money but alas, even that is sometimes too much to ask for.

What I would like to suggest, to keep us all happy, and our local tourists bringing much needed money and spending to the Cape, is to have two prices.

One for overseas tourists and one for locals.

Have your ID book ready and enjoy your meal with a smile and a happy heart.

All our guests over the holiday season have agreed that they feel exploited.

Please don’t chase them away.