Don’t use the roads

Penny Osborne, Somerset West

I am a resident in Almond Drive and am very concerned to hear about the proposed development in our area. I have had two of my dogs run over by speeding cars on the corner of Harewood/ Almond and Companje road and shudder to think what will happen with an increase in volume of traffic on these narrow, winding roads. Have you any idea how many people (from other areas too) use these roads to walk, run, cycle and take their dogs for a walk? They are all going to be put at risk.

We beg of you please consider the good of the community and don’t put more cars on our roads. Do you know how many cars lose control on the Companje road bend during winter when the roads are wet, and the Harewood bend into Companje? This will be a disaster waiting to happen.

Surely you can have an entrance through the College or make some other plan, but don’t use these roads.

Kind regards