Fires destroy,and unite

Mark and Mary-Ann Shearer, Gordon’s Bay

The wind had been gale force here in Gordon’s Bay… not uncommon, but it was stronger than usual, the day of the fire.

We saw smoke coming straight at us, and I went to investigate. When I got there, the firetrucks were already monitoring the situation, and I left and went back to the restaurant.

Literally minutes later the fire chief pulled in and asked us to evacuate. We shuffled the customers out and got the school kids picked up, and then sent the staff home.

From that point onwards it was hectic; we got as much as we could out of the building…

Mary-Ann and I lived upstairs, so we could make room for the extra classrooms in the school, so all our personal belongings have gone too.

The fire swept past the houses, down the side and it looked like we were in the clear… and then the wind changed direction and literally blew straight at the back of the warehouse… two hours later it was gone.

So, we need the community’s help. Donations to help us rebuild our building and business for our staff and customers… to keep them employed and housed safely (two of our staff families lived on the premises, and have lost everything).

We have never had cause to ask for help before, but we need it now. We have to get going quickly, and get the stock back online so we can supply our loyal customers.

We also want to make our parking lot a drop-off area for spare furniture, clothing. There are some small children involved here, eight and two years old, and a baby on the way…

Nothing will be wasted, as we are connected to the community at large and will forward extra stuff onto them.

We are located at Mary-Ann’s Natural Emporium, 959 Sir Lowry’s Pass Road, Gordon’s Bay, or call 084 224 4200.

Jannie le Roux, Helderberg

The Dutch Reformed Church, Gordon’s Bay
serves as a venue
where the “fire-wives” prepare food for the firefighters and volunteers, and we are deeply grateful for the loving response of the Helderberg community, as well as from afar, in the provision of supplies called for.

People connected with their friends
via Facebook and
other media for this gesture of hope.

Thank you to all who prayed, donated, and volunteered, and our fire brigades, police, traffic officers, neighbourhood watch and security officers.

We are blessed to be part of such a community.