Bravo, Norman!

Klaus Eickelmann, Somerset West

If I were Italian and sitting in an opera house, I would enthusiastically call out “Bravo, Norman McFarlane!”

This clever and intelligently-compiled summary of 70 years of Doomsday Clock ups and downs, the world clock and South Africa’s own inexorably intertwined, is – in my opinion – journalism of the highest calibre.

Any historically and politically astute reader is bound to be familiar with the list of events which, over the past 10 years of Zuma abuse, have pushed South Africa closer to the midnight toll of bells.

Notwithstanding, it is just as well to refresh one’s memory of these shameful events.

As Norman aptly asks in his final paragraph, “…will we once more be staring into the abyss, come December 20?”

Indeed, will we?