AfricanX training runs


In preparation for the 10th anniversary of the AfricanX Trailrun presented by ASICS, event organisers have announced that six training runs will be hosted between December and April.

Open to the public, the first training run will kick off in the parking lot to the left of Coetzenberg Stadium at Stellenbosch University, this Saturday, December 16, at 7am.

“We would like the 2018 AfricanX experience to be a memorable one,” says Michael Meyer, managing director of Stillwater Sports.

“Adequate preparation can only enhance a runner’s experience at an event.

“It is for this reason that we are extremely excited to host six training runs that will be under the guidance of two former AfricanX winners, Dawid Visser and Rohan Kennedy.

According to Visser, the first training run will focus on kick-starting the training ahead of the festive season madness.

“A fair fitness level is required, but there will be sufficient breaks between the climbs to recoup and get your breath back,” said Visser.

“The training run will be a good indication of what still needs to be done to get fit for race day.The training run is free of charge, and will be between 10km and 15km. Runners are advised to wear trail shoes, bring enough fluid – handheld or hydration packs – and energy gels and/or bars.”