Rugby training

From left are, Dino Fortuin, Denzil Daniel, Dantay Booysen, Deacon Booysen, Marcello Titus, Haydin Burger, Sive Fayo, Charlie Scheffers, Jaydon Titus and Ronvin Afrika.

A group of children from the Anna Foundation upgraded their rugby
skills using the ShadowBall, at the
Anna Foundation’s Monteith after-school project recently. In 2018, ShadowBall donated 100 balls to the Anna Foundation. According to Gary Crookes, inventor and managing director of ShadowBall, this weighted, half a rugby ball is engineered to rebound off any wall and come spiralling back to the passer, enabling rugby players to train solo passing and catching. The Anna Foundation’s 3R’s programme (Reading, Running and Right-ing) is a holistic one that focuses not only on educational and life skills development, but also uses sport as a vehicle for social change.