Support your local library

At the recent Friends of Somerset West Library sale, from left, Lizeth Horstink, Herman Veitch and Christine Sapsford.
The library has a notice board that serves a wonderful purpose, bringing information about services, theatre, support groups, sales etc.

V Sexon, Somerset West

I would like to express my long overdue thanks for our excellent Somerset West library. This is my “happy space”.

What could be better than being surrounded by books and assisted by friendly, efficient and knowledgeable staff?

Thank you one and all.

Hello dear Bolander reader, and thank you so much, I’ll publish your letter with the greatest pleasure – along with these pictures I took at their book sale last Saturday.

Libraries have been my happy space since I was a little girl, and wherever I’ve lived in the world, I’ve always joined the local library immediately.

Somerset West Library is particularly close to my heart, and I often pop in to browse through newspapers and some of the magazines, and check out the always-informative bulletin board.

They also have a regular supply of new books, fiction and non-fiction, which are prominently displayed near the entrance. Their wide range of audio books and DVDs are also a source of entertainment, or good company as I drive.

The staff never hesitate to come out from behind the counter personally take me to whichever area I may need to peruse, to find something specific.

They constantly update “themed” areas, tackling social, political, economic, environmental etc issues, with curated displays, and it is always gratifying to see the school children utilising the educational area.

If you’re not already a member of this, or any of the Boland and Helderberg libraries, I encourage you to join immediately, and rope in a friend!

Carolyn Frost – Bolander editor

* See our story on the Somerset West Library Garden, which has been upgraded by busy hands and giving hearts.