Mountain water

A reader wants to know if this pipe outlet at Gordon’s Bay Beach contains fresh, potable mountain water.

Vic Dreyer, Gordon’s Bay

I have been informed that the PVC pipe extending out over the beach in Gordon’s Bay, not far from the ablution block (see attached photo), and disgorging a steady stream of water is a source of clean, potable mountain spring water.

I have carried out some internet searches in an attempt to either confirm or deny this affirmation, but have so far been unable to unearth any information about it at all.

I wonder if you could appeal to your readers for any more accurate information about this, as I am keen to find a good clean source of mineral water.

I’m sure there is someone out there who knows about it. And I’m also sure that there must be many people who would also like to avail themselves of this resource, if it is indeed, potable.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.