What’s the fibre deal?

Elizabeth Dickson,
Somerset West

We are bombarded with offers “worth thousands” – valid until the end of April, if we sign up for fibre connections, and a monthly commitment 10 times what we currently pay.

Please can someone explain what is going on, as we have seen nothing whatever in the newspapers, and do not understand why this is being inflicted on us.

We are perfectly satisfied with what we have now, and have no need to pay through the nose for “faster service” – if that is the objective.

Is this an optional thing – in other words, if we don’t commit ourselves by the end of April, will we be for ever compromised?

If the municipality is behind it, why have we seen no word of explanation?

The financial implications of their draft budget are formidable enough – never mind the costs of all the digging that is going on at obviously vast expense.

What is Telkom’s involvement? Is their existing line going to fall away?

All this should have been disclosed in detail before anything started happening.

Our own extremely narrow verge already conceals a water main that has burst many times, as well as the household and streetlight electricity.

Heaven knows where they’ll find room for more.

Stand by… Bolander will dig for some answers regarding this, for next week – Ed