Weather won the day

Jen Niehaus, Somerset West

As Bolander was such a support for our Cub/Scout fundraising event on Saturday October 22, we wanted to let you know that sadly it was a case of the weather winning.

We set up and were all ready but then the heavens opened and we had to accept defeat.

We were very kindly accommodated by the Playhouse and the production Outline in the afternoon to sell the baked goods, that showed the community spirit kicking in.

All the leftovers were then taken to the Methodist Church on Sunday, who bought all of it.

All was not lost as the Scouts and Cubs have a much higher profile now as a result of the Bolander articles, and Valeska has been inundated with old Cubs, Scouts and Girl Guides wanting to get in touch and share their memories.

There will be another fun day at some point as well as other fundraising
initiatives and we will keep in touch to let you know what is planned.