U3A talk on innovation in Africa

Professor Michael Bruton will talk on innovation in Africa at the next U3A talk in Strand, scheduled for next month.

On Wednesday July 6, the U3A Helderberg presentation at the Strand Town Hall at 10am will focus on innovation in Africa.

Professor Michael Bruton will share his knowledge on this fascinating topic with the members of U3A Helderberg and other interested persons.

His address will answer many of the questions we may have on this subject and will showcase the resourcefulness and resilience shown by the people of Africa as they search for solutions to the problems they face daily.

Professor Bruton started his career in marine biology, but has expanded his knowledge and expertise into many and various disciplines all aimed at promoting an understanding and appreciation of science, technology and the environment.

He has recently published two books on innovation: Harambee: the spirit of innovation in Africa and Curious Notions, a more general text on interesting and unusual phenomena. These texts will provide the background to his address and will be on sale after his address.

Attendance of this meeting is free for members; visitors are requested to pay R20 at the door. All Covid-19 protocols will be observed. Contact Denise Fourie at delvier@mweb.co.za for more details.