Time travels

I was paging through a stack of old Bolanders over the weekend, and this particular edition leapt out at me, a reminder of another great fire we experienced in the area. I’d like to share what I wrote then with our readers, as it captures so much of how I feel about last week’s fires.

Norman McFarlane wrote about some of the dramatic horse rescues necessitated, below, and with it I’d run a picture of the flames licking the Dornier cellar on the Blaauwklippen Road, taken about 500m from the little cottage in which I used to live.

Tony Frost, my namesake, had also shared his perspective on the phenomenon of the fires in this edition, of February 11 2009, and the connection between natural events, pernicious human actions, and accidental conflagrations.

There is indeed a cyclic nature to these events, and over the years we have often reported on devastating fires in the Cape.

And we are all indebted, as always, to those who put their lives on the line to fight the flames, and protect homes and lives. The strains placed on fire-fighting resources is huge, and relentless at these times.

And spanning (and closing) the distance between heavens and earth, earlier this week I watched the Space Station passing overhead, 400km above earth, with the full moon presenting her luminous face in perfect timing.

I stood in silent awe, taking into consideration mankind’s ability for co-operation and shared vision, that this orbiting vessel represents. Would that we could all work as harmoniously here on earth…

What a world of extremes we all share, and every day I am presented with a clear reminder, to celebrate life and love.

Carolyn Frost: Editor