Rape Crisis Helderberg receives donation

Charlene Pietersen and Stephanie Hendriksz from The Store, and Reinette Evans from Rape Crisis Helderberg.

Rape Crisis Helderberg received a donation of
R34 900 from The Store, a small second-hand clothing shop in Somerset West, at the beginning of November.

The Store hosts an annual three-day charity clothing sale every October, and all proceeds are donated to charity.

Over the past eight years, over R195 000 has been given to various local, non-profit organisations; the Bezweni Disabled Children, Patch, The Gabriella Centre, Isibali and the Animal Township Rescue, and this year Rape Crisis Helderberg was the recipient of the funds raised.

Rape Crisis Helderberg was started in 1993; a non-profit organization helping both male and female survivors of sexual assault, aged 18 years and over.

Between January and October this year, Rape Crisis has assisted with 107 new reported cases of rape, and have also counselled 766 survivors.

The centre receives survivors in a comforting environment where doctors treat any injuries and complete the examination process needed for evidence, all medication is dispensed for the prevention of HIV, pregnancy, and counsellors are on hand to provide counselling support.

Every survivor is able to have a bath and will receive clothing and a care pack. The centre also provides assistance with court preparation.

On receiving this donation, director of Rape Crisis Helderberg, Reinette Evans, said: “Thank you for the amazing women at The Store for their fantastic donation to Rape Crisis Helderberg.

“We would like to use the money to revamp one of our rooms into an additional counselling office. It is people like you who make
the work at Rape Crisis so worthwhile.

“Thank you again for your kindness and being part of the healing for so many men and women”.

The goal is to provide additional space for the ever-increasing number of survivors that need access to counselling offered free of charge by Rape Crisis Helderberg,

The Store spent four weeks preparing for the sale, and the support from the Helderberg community was inspiring to see,” says owner, Stephanie Hendriksz.

“This year, with so much focus in the news on abuse towards women and children, we decided to approach Rape Crisis Helderberg to be our charity for 2019.

“The incredible local crisis centre helps survivors overcome their trauma, providing a safe place and counselling services.

“We hope that the donation helps the centre in their need to create additional space for counselling services,” said Ms Hendriksz .

For more information on Rape Crisis Helderberg, call 021 852 5620, or email info@crisiscentre.org.za