Pristine beaches no more

Len Walker, Somerset West

What has happened to our beautiful Strand beach?

A vast section of the white sandy beach stretching from the Hibernian Towers to beyond the Da Gama complex has been replaced with what looks like builders’ rubble of gravel and stone.

The beauty of the beach has been totally transformed, and is not at all pleasant to walk along.

As for the litter that has been dropped on the beach or on the sidewalks – by people who seem to have developed a culture for not using litter bins – boggles the mind.

Although the rule of “no dogs on the beach” doesn’t bother me personally, it seems to be completely disregarded, as many people take their pets onto the beach and don’t bother to clean up their droppings.

It is nice to see that the clock close to Da Gama,which has been under repair for a few weeks, has now been reinstalled.

However, sadly the times on either side do not correspond, and are both incorrect.

All residents and visitors to our beach are hereby called upon to refrain from littering, and to use the many litter bins which have been placed at our disposal.

* Ed’s reply:

We have forwarded your letter to the relevant authorities at the City of Cape Town, with regard to the builders’ rubble on the beach, and the incorrect times on the clock, and shall publish their response when it arrives.