Fix Broadlands Road

Brigitte Barabas, Strand

If ever there was a voice of reason, it must be Norman McFarlane. I am a huge fan of his. Everything he writes is well researched and balanced. With regards to his excellent article concerning the Strand Jetty, I would like to ask him to use his clout concerning Broadlands, especially the stretch between the N2 and Broadway. It looks like a dog’s breakfast.

This is an incredibly busy road, but it is falling apart. The open storm water drains are clogged with refuse; lots of bright blue municipal bags to be spotted too. When the rains come, we can all go canoeing along Broadlands again, with rapids, because of all the refuse blocking the storm water drains and we’ll, again, have to hear a lot of bla-di-bla-bla from the City of Cape Town.

Not just that, but factory workers walking home after their shift are forced to walk on the disintegrating hard shoulder, as there is no pavement to speak of.

Do we really have to wait till someone gets knocked over before this road is brought up to scratch? I see that Irene Avenue has a newly surfaced pavement. Very nice. Pity there are not that many people strolling up and down the avenue.

Apparently the municipality cleans up the area around Broadlands every three months – and my left foot thinks it is Napoleon Bonaparte.

Is the difference between the state of Broadlands and Gordon Road – which has just been resurfaced – perhaps because Broadlands is not exactly on the tourist map? Yet, it still remains an extremely busy thoroughfare.

Thanking you kindly in advance, Mr McFarlane, and keep those articles coming.