Parenting workshop impacts lives of families

These proud dads attended the parenting workshop at De Morgenzon.

An extension of the after-school programmes the Anna Foundation offers to rural children in the Western Cape, is to provide training and workshops to the parents of the children with the aim of having greater impact on the entire household of each child.

These workshops train parents and caregivers to stimulate their children educationally in the home, using practical and fun ways of learning.

The most recent workshop with the farm worker employees of De Morgenzon, provided these parents (mostly fathers) with knowledge and practical skills which they were able to apply immediately within their households. The workshops empower these fathers in their role as a parent and offer them tools for engaging with their children in their homes.

The impact is both positive for the child as well as the parent and ultimately creates happier, healthier families.

“We have seen a significant difference in our workforce in the last month, the Anna Foundation parent workshops have made a huge impact”, said Wendy Appelbaum, lead South African philanthropist and owner of De Morgenzon, at a recent beneficiary seminar of the Cape Wine Auction Trust.

The Anna Foundation offers these workshops in partnership with Renee Lighton from LightOn Education, working in conjunction with the Anna Foundation’s 3 R’s Programme: Reading, Running, Right-ing.

“In this way we reach the children directly though our afterschool programmes and indirectly through the support received from the parents of those children. When we are unable to reach the children directly ourselves, it is encouraging that we can still make a difference through training and skilling their parents. In this way we are making a major contribution to the upliftment of farming communities in the Western Cape.” says Anna Brom, founder and director of the Anna Foundation.

The Anna Foundation is a non-profit organisation with the primary objective of addressing the educational and social needs of rural children in the Western Cape and to offer these children life-long learning in order to build positive self-worth and self-respect.

“The foundation also does parent workshops, teenager programmes and women empowerment programmes to uplift the communities.