Parel Vallei young scientists

Priyanka Pitamber, Stella Savides, teacher Marlie Stander, Werner Badenhorst and Teon Kleynhans.

Grade 10 pupils of Parel Vallei have taken part in the Eskom Expo every year since 2016, where they achieved exceptional results and awards at regional and national level.

The expo was cancelled this year, but in the third term, the Parel Vallei physical sciences department hosted an internal Young Scientist competition, to give pupils the opportunity to showcase their interest and passion for this subject through their different projects.

The panel of six judges congratulates the following young scientists, in first place, Teon Kleynhans and Werner Badenhorst with their project “Kragopwekking uit borrels”; runner-up Marietjie Cilliers, with her project “Investigating the difference in the health state of domestic dogs on a plant-based diet versus those on a meat based diet”, and shared third place, Priyanka Pitamber, with her project “Water works” and Stella Savides, with “Deionization” as her project.