Audition for 39 Steps at Playhouse

39 Steps in the Union Square Theatre 2015 Off Broadway Production.

There will be an audition for The 39 Steps (a fast-paced comedy with many twists and turns), at The Playhouse, on Sunday November 29, at 1pm.

This theatrical parody staging of the famous 1935 Alfred Hitchcock film involves murder, intrigue, espionage, and romance, set in 1935 in London and Scotland.

The male lead, an upper-class handsomely arrogant Englishman, has returned to London after a time abroad with enough money to keep him idle; but now he’s bored stiff.

In a twist of fate he is slapped in the face with a murder, which he is blamed for. He decides to lean into his new fugitive life which leads to hilarious moments.

The female lead plays three roles, ranging from a feisty, strong-willed leading lady, who after much inner turmoil embarks on a love affair with Richard, to an exotic Russian spy and a soft-natured farmer’s wife.

The majority of the hilarity comes in the forms of the two supporting actors.

The two actors play their multiple roles like an expert vaudeville team.

From quickly changing characters on stage to breaking the fourth wall with snappy comments to the audience, these two are physical and crazy at times. All actors must be able to create different characters and utilise a handful of accents.

The transitions from characters are seamless with no make-up, minimal costume changes, and a set which consists of little more than a door and a few chairs.

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