Help to rebuild skatepark

Chris van der Merwe, Somerset West

On the evening of Saturday August 13, strong winds damaged parts of the I2B skate-park near Radloff Park in Somerset West – which is one of the main projects of our non-profit organisation, Inspired2Become.

The wooden roof that we constructed on the skatepark’s container was blown off and landed on the waterproof shading net above the skate bowl.

This caused large tears in the shading net which cannot be repaired.

We need to replace the whole shading net, and this will amount to approximately R7 000.

One of the large ramps was also blown into another ramp — and both ramps were damaged.

Early this year, a part of the I2B Skatepark caught fire, and also caused a lot of damage.

It was difficult having to face a second tragedy at the skatepark but we believe that, once again, something good will come from it.

After the fire it has been a struggle to get insurance on a non-permanent structure but we are in the process of finding a solution.

We are also looking to expand the skatepark into a more family friendly environment. We want to add three containers and develop it into a clubhouse.

We also want to add a skimboarding pool, beach volleyball space and a shaded picnic area.

We will have space for advertising boards for companies wanting to get involved in our youth community project.

If you would like to help in any way, contact me at 072 992 7408 or chris@inspired

We would really appreciate any help we can receive.

Please feel free to visit our website www. for more information.