Growing support for Cape Coloured Congress and Good party in Sub-council 8

The 2021 municipal election results for Sub-council 8, which consists of wards 83, 85, 86 and 100, show an increased support for the Cape Coloured Congress and newcomer to the 2021 municipal elections, the Good party.

According to results provided on the Electoral Commissions of South Africa (IEC) website, there were quite a few voters who made their mark for the Good party founded by Patricia de Lille in 2018.

In Ward 83 the DA was once again the dominant party securing 87.61% of votes, an improvement in comparison with the party’s 2016, 74.01% voter support. In second place was the Freedom Front Plus (FF Plus) winning 5.02% of the votes, showing an improvement from their 2.24% result in 2016’s municipal elections.

In third place was the ACDP with 2.34% of votes and new competitor Good managed to gain support in Ward 83, securing 1.19% of the votes, kicking the EFF out of their 2016 fourth position.

Lastly ending in fifth place, the ANC received only 0.82% of the votes in this ward. In comparison with the 2016 election results, the ANC performed much weaker in this year’s election – in 2016 the party managed to secure 20.15% of the votes in this ward.

In Ward 85, the DA and ANC were neck-on-neck, with the DA gaining 39.5% of the votes, closely followed by the ANC with 37.91% votes. The EFF came in third position, securing 5.45% in voters’ support, followed by the Cape Coloured Congress (CCC), which managed to gain 2.92% of the votes and Al Jama with 2.83% voters’ support.

The ANC came out victorious in Ward 86, winning 85.47% of the votes, followed by the EFF in second place with 6.25%, here the DA ended up in third position with 3.58% and in fourth place was the African Independent Congress (AIC) with 0.58%.

Another newcomer in the 2021 municipal elections, the African Freedom Revolution (AFR), managed to secure 0.55% voter support, placing it in fifth position, ensuring inclusion in the top 5 performing parties in the ward.

In Ward 100 the DA came out tops with 65.64% of the votes, followed by the Cape Coloured Congress with a total of 9.32%, placing it in second place.

Votes in Ward 100 also saw the Cape Independence Party (CAPEXIT), formerly known as the Cape Party, battle it out against the ANC for third and fourth positions. The CAPEXIT managed to gain 4.18% of the votes, while the ANC came close with 4.16%. The ACDP ended in fifth place in Ward 109, securing 3.85% of the votes.