Cycle lane explanation questioned

Jan Brand,Somerset West

With reference to Councillor Stuart Pringle’s response to my letter (“Pretty pavements not a priority”, Bolander October 5):

If this pavement project is for a cycle lane as per the councillor’s explanation, where must the pedestrians with and without their dogs walk?

How on earth a cycle lane will reduce traffic speed blows my mind completely.

I would also like to know from the councillor who is going to maintain the small strip of pavement which is not tarred, as the City has never maintained any pavement in Bizweni Avenue.

Now after the residents have spent lots of money and time to beautify their pavements, the City decides to ruin it with a tar strip.

The removal/damaging of driveways is also a mystery.

With reference to the councillor’s comments on potholes, I just want to inform him that potholes are not repaired, but only patched.

Not only a week after the patch was done the pot hole is open again.

Sounds like job creation to me, because if it was properly repaired the first time the pothole problem would have been solved.

A couple of months ago I attended a key handover ceremony held by the mayor in Athlone.

During her speech she urged the new homeowners to beautify their properties by planting flowers, grass, shrubs and

She also urged them to extend their gardens to the pavement to beautify the area

Forty kilometres away in Somerset West, the beautified pavements are ruined for a cycle lane nobody is going to use.

Mr Pringle must please inform the m ayor not to encourage residents to beatify their pavements.