Consider helping others

Peter Lidstone,
Somerset West

While the lockdown will be causing horrendous financial hardship to companies, employees and self-employed people, the Helderberg basin has more than its share of retired people who will not suffer a reduction in our monthly income.

The impact on everyone’s longer-term wealth is outside the scope of this letter.

Indeed, we will be shopping less – and less often – and not using the services of many people who depend on the money they receive from us all.

Yes, it will be inconvenient, but do we really need to be slightly better off at their expense?

I would like to suggest that we, privately and individually, do what we can to help in these difficult times by, for example, continuing to pay our service providers as much as possible of what we would normally be paying out.

And imagine what it will mean to car-guards (and their families) if during the lockdown we give them a R10 note rather than the coin normally handed over?

“Sounds the call to come together and united we shall stand.”