Canine distemper in Boland

Jessica Perrins, head of fundraising and communications: AWSS

The Animal Welfare Society of Stellenbosch(AWSS) has been inundated with calls from distressed owners regarding the recent cases of Canine Distemper being reported in Cape

Our clinic has not had any cases of Canine Distemper for over six months. Dogs that are not vaccinated are most at risk.

Weekly outreach clinics and continuous humane education has played a key role
in keeping the
number of Canine Distemper cases at an all-time low.

AWSS vaccinates every animal that is brought into our care and when adopting a pet from the Society, all vaccinations will be done up until date of adoption to prevent your pet from contracting or spreading fatal contagious diseases.

However, it is an undeniable fact that
pet overpopulation due to rampant, uncontrolled breeding is a chronic, serious issue evident throughout Stellenbosch and particularly acute in impoverished communities.

AWSS receives litters of unwanted puppies daily, many of which arrive emaciated, sick and susceptible to disease.

Due to an increase in cases of the Parvo Virus, funding was raised to build a state-of-the-art puppy block which was completed earlier this year.

The facility has resulted in fewer cases of fatal diseases and improved the chances of rehabilitation and rehoming.

We urge all pet owners to ensure that their pets vaccinations are up to date, we welcome any questions /concerns owners
may have about their pets health and well-being.

To book a clinic consultation or for more information, call 021 883 9129 or email