From left, Annemarie Pretorius, Marianne Bryant, Darize Steyn, and Lucil Bosman.
Tee-shirts were worn indicating those who were breast cancer survivors and breast cancer supporters.
Receiving a haircut, Naseema Karan, by hairdresser Natasha Ruthven-Bruijns.
Darize Steyn, wearing one of the specially-made ribbons with the little dancer affixed to it.
Hannes Pretorius, far right, senior partner of the firm Hannes Pretorius, Bock and Bryant, was there to show support for the breast cancer awareness drive in honour of his daughter Esther Pretorius, who died of breast cancer in June 2022.

Last week Mediclinic Vergelegen parking lot was a hive of activity (with buzz cuts being the order of the day…), as a team of women, dubbed The Pink Ladies, hosted one of their cancer awareness projects.

“It is a combination of staff who are either cancer survivors or supporters, who strive to build awareness and support for cancer,” said Annemarie Pretorius, who is the Hospital Case Manager at Vergelegen.

Darize Steyn (the facility Incon sister) co-ordinated the Shavathon, and arranged a lovely five-minute massage for all the people who donated their hair, or sprayed their hair in support of cancer (which was provided by Mommy Wellness).

“This year we decided to invite professional hairdressers to help us ‘carefully obtain’ the ponytails of all the amazing people who donated,” said Annemarie.

Sulante Ligthelm from Hair Inc and Natasha Ruthven-Bruijns from B’Gorgeous Hair were thanked for their “awesome in their assistance in both shaving and cutting hair”.

A local family came to show their support for their loved ones and friends – dad, mom and daughter all shaved their hair off, and the daughter even managed to donate four ponytails from her hair.

Mandy Du Plessis, Annerie Thomson, Annemarie Pretorius constituted the staff member donations (all cut by Natasha from B’Gorgeous Hair).

Hannes Pretorius, Bock and Bryant and Rawson were two companies that came out in 2022 to support the cause, and were at the event again in 2023.