Fiela se Kind at the Baxter

 Dalene Matthee’s well-known Fiela se Kind visits the Baxter Theatre in Cape Town from Tuesday August 22 to Saturday August 26. God forgives many things, but God never forgives us the wrong we do to a child. The coloured woman, Fiela Komoetie, raised her white foundling, Benjamin, with love and pride, until the day, nine years later, when the census takers took him away. “They simply took him … just like that!” Fiela Komoetie said. On the other side of the mountain, in the Forest, lived the woodcutter Elias van Rooyen and his wife Barta who had lost their three-year-old son, Lukas. Could Benjamin and Lukas be the same child? Years later, Benjamin/Lukas struggled with the question: “Who am I?” He had to find out; otherwise, the woman he loved could never be his. He knew that there was an answer – somewhere within himself, hidden deep within the past, but it evaded him. Book through Computicket. For group and school bookings, contact Lefra at