Book review: Hiking Beyond Cape Town

Hiking Beyond Cape Town

Nina Du Plessis and Willie Oliver

Struik Travel & Heritage

Review: Karen Watkins

With an abundance of hiking books on routes on the Cape Peninsula this field guide takes hikers further afield to explore trails a stone’s throw from Cape Town.

Featuring 40 trails, most of which are designed for day trips, hiking times range from two to seven hours. From the 3.75km Hangklip Lighthouse Trail at Hangklip to the 23km Die Hel in Porterville, this book is accessible to hikers of all ages and skill levels.

Each hike includes a detailed map, route description, distance, time estimates and trail difficulty.

The book also offers insights into the local flora and fauna often illustrated with colour pictures.

The authors also share some practical advice such as how to select footwear, daypack, headgear and keeping an eye out for sneaky roots on the path.

This book is a handy addition to any avid hiker as it opens the door to a world of hiking adventures beyond the city’s boundaries.

Willie Olivier lives in Namibia and is the author of numerous books. His daughter Nina du Plessis of Gordon’s Bay spends most of her weekends hiking the Western Cape mountains, or further afield.