Wellington already on the map

Reni Hildenbrand, Wellington

I read in the Bolander that Indigo Berries is under the impression that their blueberry operation will be putting Wellington on the map (“Wellington selected for blueberry develpment”, Bolander, February 28).

In fact, Wellington has been on the map as a wine destination, home of vine nurseries and educational centre.

Wellington also has its own Wine of Origin appellation.

I have lived in Wellington, in the Blouvlei area for 20 years, having fallen in love with this beautiful valley at first sight.

In line with internationally well-known tradition of the area, beginning in the 1700s, I have my own vineyards, make wine and produce extra virgin olive oil.

I play a leading role in the South African wine industry, and my bed and breakfast establishment attracts visitors from all over the world.

Visitors are particularly impressed with the uniqueness of the landscape and the sense of place that makes the Blouvlei special from an aesthetic, cultural and heritage point of view.

The Wellington Wine Walk is an extremely popular tourist attraction and the first wine walk in South Africa.

The active, fitness-orientated people from Wellington and Paarl use the Horseshoe for walks, with children and dogs.

It is therefore a key recreational area.

I cannot see that the hectares of shade cloth that go with berry farming will have any positive contribution to Wellington’s status on the proverbial map.

In fact as far as the Blouvlei is concerned, it may very well play a significant role in taking us off the map altogether.