Weeding out the myths

After Judge Dennis Davis delivered his judgement in the Western Cape High Court on Friday March 31,that declared the prohibition of the cultivation, use and possession of Cannabis within the privacy of the home is unconstitutional, Helderberg U3A’s May guest speaker Dr Lize Weich’s talk should elicit much interest.

Dr Weich’s talk is titled “An update on Cannabis: “weeding out the myths”. She will provide her audience with an overview of cannabis, including the risks of recreational use, the evidence for medicinal use and the available policy options.
Dr Weich says cannabis has been used recreationally, medicinally and for religious purposes, across many cultures for thousands of years and that more recently there has been an increase in the interest locally and international in liberating the legal restrictions around cannabis.

In some areas the focus has been in medicinal use, while in other areas there has been pressure to legalise it for recreational purposes.

Dr Weich is an addiction psychiatrist based at Stikland Hospital, from where she established and co-ordinates the substance programmes for the Western Cape psychiatric hospitals.

She is a founding member of the South African Addiction Medical Society, and a lecturer with the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Stellenbosch, where she developed and convenes the post- graduate diploma in addiction care, Master’s in addiction care and MPhil in addiction psychiatry programmes.

This talk will take place at Strand Town Hall on Wednesday May 3, at 10am, with tea from 9.30am. Guests are welcome, at R20 entry.

For more information, contact Brodwyn on 083 604 0784.