Water woes

Pat Baldwin,
Somerset West

I heard of the probable increase in water tariff for people such as I, who keep to well below six kilolitres per month with astonishment on the radio a couple of days ago.

As Norman McFarlane rightly states (“Incompetence, not conspiracy”, Bolander May 9), it is people like myself that are very careful about the usage of water and more importantly the cost that we have to endure.

What right does the City of Cape Town have to “punish” us and make us pay for the people that have no consideration for saving water.

Their accounts must show they use a huge amount of water.

They are the ones that should be paying the extra.

A lot of people who are under the six kilolitres per month are pensioners and have to watch their pennies carefully, something like this can tip the scales for them and really make it hard for them to survive.

I take total umbrage to this pending demand.

For years I never paid for water because I was under the six free kilolitres allocation, did not moan when I had to start paying for it as a result of the crisis of the drought, but I do strongly object to having to pay this extra amount.

If there is a petition going around I would like to put my name on it and City can be sure they won’t be getting my vote.

The past year has been one of dissolution and all the infighting that has and is still going on does nothing to ensure that people believe in them.

It is going to be interesting to read how many other people take exception to this proposed increase.